“Out There…Somewhere”: Folk art comes from city required fence

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Gregg Brittain has a charming salvage yard off Mike Padgett Highway, but his salvage yard got on the wrong side of the city inspectors.

“Yeah I didn’t exactly meet all the county code requirements, I had to put up a fence,” said Gregg.

Yes, the city said he needed a privacy fence.

“It was suggested I could do a chain linked fence with a green screen and I decided that was rather ugly.”

So Gregg instead decided to take the city orders and make something totally the opposite.

Check out what you can do with antique building materials and some paint and a keen eye.

Each fence panel is different artistic work

Gregg’s wife helps out here’s she painting this pastoral scene, she also got her way with creating this star quilt pattern

“I asked him about it he said I don’t know about that but I drew it out on a big piece of paper this is what it’s going to look like said okay that looks good,” said Jan Beauchap.

The fence is only about 65 percent finished but it’s already catching the eye of people driving by on the highway

“It’s awesome you have added so much and I just really appreciate these guys they’re artists they’re artists and they’re an example for the community, said Jeanne Rutan who lives nearby.

It’s fence where the gate is a door from the late 1800 hundreds a fence that salutes the flag made by Betsy Ross  it’s a fence that really isn’t just a  fence at all rather a neighbor pleasing piece of folk art.

Out There Somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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