Richmond County School board member calls on the community to support students in low-performing schools

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Richmond County School Board member Dr.Wayne Frazier held a tutoring fair at the McDuffie Woods Community Center. His goal is to partner with people in the community, local churches, and organizations to mentor or help students struggling in reading,  science, technology, engineering, and math. Over 20 schools in Richmond County are currently deemed failing or underperforming. Frazier says their focus is to recruit volunteers to partner with students in grades 1-8 and help to provide not only academic support but to help them grow socially as well.

“The school system is not geared and not prepared to fix this situation without the community’s input. If the community is not involved in the process, actively involved in the process, our children are going to continue to fail,” says Frazier.

He also added that students aren’t failing academically due to the inability to read and write but rather some students are struggling due to a lack of academic support and guidance at home.

The purpose of the fair was not to discuss creating a new mentoring program but rather to raise awareness and to support mentoring and tutoring organizations that already exist in Richmond county. Once students are enrolled in the programs Dr. Frazier’s says they will create a model to track student’s progress.

As a board member Frazier has noticed that schools in Richmond County are also struggling due to a lack of parent involvement and support within the schools.  Ed Lowery serves as the Parent Teacher Association President at Terrace Manor Elementary and says since becoming elected three years ago they’ve worked to increase parent involvement.

“If parents would stay focused, come to the school when we have different meetings, not only PTA meetings but when we have a parent involvement meetings. Our Assistant Principal is always having some type of meeting to encourage our parents and give information to share with our parents.” Lowery says.

When Lowery first started out as President three years ago they only had 18 members on the PTA, now they have 62. He says he’s seen small changes with students overall behavior and academic success as a result of it.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or tutor contact Dr. Frazier at 706-250-0937.



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