SCDOT extends date of Highway 25 completion

Edgefield, South Carolina (WJBF) – Construction on Highway 25 in South Carolina is going to take a lot longer than originally planned. NewsChannel 6’s Derrikia Young went to find out why the construction is taking so long, and how more lanes on the highway will hopefully be good news for business.

This project has been going on for years, and it will take at least another year before it’s finished. But when it’s done, business leaders in Edgefield County hope it makes a big difference when it comes to bringing business to the county.

The flow of traffic on Highway 25 in Edgefield County has been slowed for years by construction. Drivers are anxious for it to be done, but they’re going to have to wait a while.

“My understanding of completion is late 2018 early 2019. This project will continue that four lane all the way to our industrial park,” said Will Williams, President & CEO of SCCED.

Will Williams of the Economic Development Partnership says the lane expansion will bring in more business for places that are up for sale like the Industrial Park and also an easier commute for seasonal traffic.

“The certainly will speed up the time that it takes to get from the industrial park to the interstate,” said Will Williams, President & CEO of SCCED.

Williams says they’ve had to push the dates back for the busy highway to be finished due to electrical issues when breaking ground for the two additional lanes.

“When you’re doing widening you’ve got multiple utilities and infrastructure that has to be moved and so their are some sections that have already been completed and they’re going back to the old road bed and doing the work to bring it up to the standards of the new road,” said Will Williams, President & CEO of SCCED.

He says until then patience is key.

“It is a very big undertaking and it just takes time and you know just some patience will certainly but great for everybody to have because we want it done right and it’ll be a huge bonus for everybody,” said Will Williams, President & CEO of SCCED.

We tried to contact South Carolina DOT to find out the exact date when construction will be finished, but they have not returned any calls.

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