Administrator says city gets outside help on departments payments to General Fund

Augusta's Next Administrator Janice Jackson Takes New Position (Image 1)

Augusta’s Administrators says there’s no sleight of hand when it comes to the Fire Department’s budget.As we exclusively reported the Administrator is proposing a 230 thousand dollar increase in the amount of money the fire department pays to the general fund.

The allocation is designed to pay for city services like purchasing, payroll, and H-R, used by the fire department.

The administrator is also recommending an increase in the fire services tax next year.

But The administrator says the allocation amounts are determined by an outside firm -not- city budget writers.

“There’s a very specific study that’s done they ask very specific questions and they come up with a 300 page report at the end of the day to justify those numbers,” says City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson.

“So you’re comfortable with that increase?”

“Yeah the only ways those numbers are bad is somebody submitted bad information,” said Jackson.

The landfill, Utilities Department. and Storm water program are also bill an indirect cost allocation for their use of city services

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