Residents are gearing up to block off streets for Halloween

Augusta, GA (WJBF) –  Halloween is tomorrow and The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is making sure you are staying safe.

There will be more deputies patrolling the roads in Richmond County during peak times for trick or treat. And many of those deputies will be stationed in areas that they cover all year. This is part of the department’s community policing initiative, and a way they hope will keep Halloween safe for everybody. Some people who live in Augusta are taking safety into their own hands blocking off their roads to make sure trick or treaters stay safe.

“It’s safer for the children because so many people come over kids are running across the street and they’re in the middle of the street and they seem to enjoy it much better when they are free of vehicle traffic,” said Ellen Kelly, Lives in Augusta.

Ellen Kelly says she and her neighbors have been pitching in to make the area safer for kids during Halloween for about 15 years. The neighborhood pays a deputy to keep their streets free of traffic.

“I put out flyers to the neighbors just letting them know that we’ll continue to block our block,” said Ellen Kelly, Lives in Augusta.

“The Richmond County Sherriff’s office is going to be out of course. We’re going to be monitoring out subdivisions,” said Sgt. Micheal Shane McDaniel – RCSO.

As part of the community policing program, Richmond County deputies will be spilting up into the zones that they cover day-to-day for Halloween.

“So our deputies know where our main subdivisions are that are really big treat-or-tricking type subdivisions, they spend their time in these subdivisions all the time daily,”  said Sgt. Micheal Shane McDaniel, RCSO.

“Mainly the police officer that comes and assists is mainly to keep cars from coming through the blocked intersection to the street, so it’s really more of a vehicle traffic control,” said Ellen Kelly, Lives in Augusta.

The Richmond county sheriffs office want to make sure that Tuesday night, will be a fun AND safe night for everyone.

“It’s gonna be a fun night for the deputies, its gonna be a fun night for the kids, for the parents to go out and have a good time, but be safe that’s all we ask,”  said Sgt. Micheal Shane McDaniel, RCSO.

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