Second spill happens on Dean Bridge Road in a matter of two months

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– A sludge-like material consumed two of the three lanes on one of Augusta’s busiest roads Monday afternoon.

The deputy on scene told me a large dump truck carrying mud-like material turned onto Deans Bridge Road, near Barton Chapel Road, when it spilled. “Had a vehicle in front of it that slowed down suddenly to turn into the Burger King parking lot, and the truck attempted to stop quickly, and the road went over the truck into the roadway,” Deputy Jay Rawling with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office told me. “The vehicle that was following the dump truck ran through the debris that landed in the roadway which got on the vehicle.”

The dump truck driver did not stop, and Deputy Rawlings said there are no suspects at this time.

City Officials came out to the scene to provide cleanup in attempt to get traffic moving before rush hour. “Got a dump truck to the site, then we had a backhoe to the site, so we can clean up the spill, and put the debris in the dump truck,” Joseph McGary, a Collection Coordinator for the city explained. “I also have a vacuum truck coming from my facility to come wash the road down and vacuum up the spill.”

A similar incident happened in August when animal waste was dumped on the same road by a contractor working for FPL foods, a nearby meat processing plant.

Deputy Rawlings explained certain intersections in the Garden City are especially prone to spills and car wrecks.”Well, what they do is they run through the turn lanes on a lot of the major intersections in Augusta,” Rawlings said. “If they don’t see a police presence by the time that light turns yellow and red, they continue to go– sometimes as many as 3 or 4 cars before they allow the oncoming traffic to go. It’s a big hazard.”

And with the holidays approaching, he doesn’t expect these car incidents to come to an end.

“You don’t want to be distracted texting, talking on the phone if at all possible. You want to always stay alert, and see what is going to happen in front of you because anything can happen,” Rawlings urged. “I’m sure the car that was following the dump truck didn’t realize what was going to happen in a split second.”

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