JENNIE: Patrick Smith discusses legal aspects involved with caring for aging parents

JENNIE Season 2, Episode 8

AUGUSTA, Ga.–Patrick Smith is a certified elder law attorney with the Smith Law firm, one of the sponsors of the WJBF Caring for Aging Parents Expo.

This Expo is so valuable, and one of the things that many people might not think about is the different needs that are involved legally. Explain a little bit about that.

Yeah, so in my practice as certified elder law attorney, we do a lot of estate planning. We do what I call basic estate planning, the things that everyone needs whether you’re 18 or 85 as my job. Things like powers of attorney, leaving wills or healthcare directives, and last wills and testaments. Those are the basic things, that we focus on our practice on the second half of life is what I would call it. Is what type of planning do we need, for us or our parents, when we are in and in retirement or deep into retirement. Those needs change. And so, we help families focus on doing planning that’s gonna enable them, to make decisions if they need to make decisions for their aging parents. Provide for care, providing care is not just financial that’s what we’ll focus on, but also placement and what is the right setting for people? How do we help parents maintain independence as long as we can? But how we plan for what happens when they need a lot more higher-level care that’s a lot more expensive? And that’s the type of asset protection type of planning that we focus on, on our practice. In terms of how do we leverage different types of benefits from VA benefits for veterans and spouses, to medicate for long-term care, things of that nature.

Click the link about to see all of Patrick’s interview.

The Caring for Aging Parents Expo. It’s at First Baptist Church of Augusta from 9.00 am until 1.00pm. Lot of great sponsors that day including the Smith Law firm and you can talk to the professionals, you can get some guidance for the next steps you need to take as you care for your loved ones.

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