Investigation happening now with regard to guns found at local high school

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WJBF)—The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office charged one student after they found guns in his car at Midland Valley High School.

The incident report says the investigation started when the Assistant Principal smelled marijuana on the student and that lead them to his car. Administrators say they found 2 handguns in the center console. According to deputies, one of the guns was stolen.

Ivan Washington, 17, is facing charges for Carrying a Weapon on School Property and Possession of a Stolen Pistol.

In a written statement Washington admitted the guns were his. Deputies checked to see if the guns were stolen. One was cleared and the other was a hit.

Sgt. Steve Shunn says the Sheriff’s Office considers this a serious offense. “We take any illegal carry of a firearm seriously, but when it’s on school property, yes definitely we look at it seriously,” says Sgt. Shunn. “Our being there is for the safety of the kids going to school for the students, the teachers that are on property.”

Midland Valley sent out a recorded message from Principal Carl White the next morning. He said, “We are grateful for the proactive efforts by our leadership team at Midland Valley High School as well as the assistance of local law enforcement in keeping our school safe.”

In a statement, Aiken County Schools’ Dr. Shawn Foster said, “When a student’s off- or on- campus behavior constitutes a threat to other students, staff, and our school programs; we take a very strong stance and simply don’t allow that student back in the classroom.”

Attendance laws say schools cannot deny education to students under the age of 17 so the district has an online option for situations when the student is considered a threat.

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