Letter sent home to parents after student brings gun to elementary school

Augusta, GA (WJBF)—New information about a story we brought you last week about a student bringing a gun to a local elementary school.

The Richmond County Board of Education says a student brought a gun to Windsor Spring Elementary School on the morning of Tuesday, October 31st. NewsChannel 6 got a copy of the letter the school principal sent home to parents the day it happened. (See full letter below).

The letter starts by saying, “In an effort to keep you informed, I wanted to let you know that a student brought a gun to school today and showed it to other students.”

The letter continues by describing that the students told their teacher, who got administrators involved and they handled the situation by confiscating the gun. The principal also wrote that the child will be facing disciplinary action.

She writes, “Please take this opportunity to speak to your child about the importance of school safety and the appropriateness of items they bring to school.”

We also learned more information about the child’s parent.

Tangie Tykiri Pearson, 27

Tangie Pearson was arrested and booked into a Richmond County Jail facing charges of Theft by Receiving Stolen Property and Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor.” A judge assigned her bond at $5,700 for one charge and another $5,700 for the other charge.

The Board of Education is not releasing the child’s name or grade because the student is a minor.

We touched base with the Richmond County Board of Education on Wednesday. Their administrators were in a conference all day; however, we are working with them on a follow up story to bring you next week. Spokesperson Kaden Jacobs tells NewsChannel 6 that often officers will go to schools and talk to students after incidents like this recent one at Windsor Spring Elementary. We plan to ask them how they break down this serious subject matter so your kids can digest it.

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