Would taxpayers want higher a bill for Sheriff’s Office

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Francoise Warden was paying her property taxes, and says using her money to pay for public safety should be the priority.

“I would say its number one really,” Warden said.

The most important?”

“Yes safety,” she added.

Sheriff Roundtree would agree but  he’s frustrated city leaders are recommending his office only get 750 thousand dollars next year for deputy raises, when he’s says he needs more than two and a half million dollars.

“No one has sat down with us and have discussed options about how do we get there everybody is afraid of the word tax increase and I’m not there yet but if that’s what it takes to get us there I would support it,” said Sheriff Roundtree.

“My mind is open to the fact that it’s needed and some people will have to suffer for the need we have to look at it,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

It’s property tax paying time now in Augusta so we wanted to know if these tax payers who just pay this  year’s bill would want  to pay more next year for the Sheriff’s Office.

No,” said Mamie Reese.

“How come?”

“Because I feel my taxes are already high enough and the arena I live in nothing is take care of,” said Reese.

“I wouldn’t want to I’m paying too much now and the taxes keep going up, up and up to me it don’t make no sense,” said Cutie West.

“I would rather see cuts first that they make an effort then we make an effort,” said Warden.

The Sheriff and city budget writers are planning to meet to work out what options are there to find the money for the raises, there is no property tax increase recommended right now, but there is a fire services tax increase that if approved would add up to about A 20 dollar tax increase next year on the average priced home in Augusta

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