Salary study also finds city positions overpaid

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) They do the job, but the classification and compensation study presented to commissioners this week found t  more than 60 percent of city workers are underpaid

“The guys that are out here on the street digging the ditches cleaning out the pipes them are the ones that I’ll be looking,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

Consultants say some city worker’s pay is as much as 30 percent below market, the City Administrator is recommending spending two point three million out of the General Fund next year to boost wages, but that means only 750 thousand dollars for the Sheriff’s Office a fraction of what was requested for raises.

“More money, we could fix it we could fix it all hopefully there will be opportunities to get more money in the pot,” says City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson.

And while the study found most workers getting paid below market, it also found about a third of the positions studied are overpaid 10, 15, 27, even 45 percent above what the salary should be.

It has some city leader saying wait a minute.

“I asked that question up on the floor I got some kind of bland answer I would like to continue this conversation,” said Commissioner Guilfoyle.

So would  Sheriff Roundtree.

“Look at all positions they say are overpaid in the county government no one has ever made mention of that they just want to see the ones who are underpaid,” said The Sheriff.

But don’t look for commissioners to reduce those over paid salaries and give the money to under paid workers including deputies,

“Once you give an employee a salary or give them money you cannot take it back,” said Guilfoyle.

Along with the plan to increase the salaries of lower paid workers the administrator is also recommending a one and a half percent cost of living increase this would be for all employees across the board.

Another budget work session is scheduled for next Wednesday..

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