Ambulance meeting discussion will go before committee

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

Augusta,Ga (WJBF) An Augusta commissioners wants an official explanation of the recent actions on changing the city’s Ambulance service.

Last week the the local EMS Council voted to proceed with opening up the zone in Augusta to allow for a new ambulance provider.

This after Commissioner Sammie Sias carried a letter from the Mayor to the meeting listing complaints about Gold Cross

Augusta’s Fire Chief is Charmian of the council.

Commissioner Marion Williams says the commission did not approve this and says he wants to talk about it at next weeks committee meetings

“The Fire Chief and Sammie Sias was as wrong as you can get to go to a meeting like that and speak for this body they had no right,” said Commissioner Williams.

“But putting  it on he agenda though could cause controversy and discussion.”

“It’ll have to cause what it will cause my point is no one gave him that authority if you don’t address it what’s going to stop them from taking that authority again,” said Williams.

Last month commissioners did vote to send a letter to the state requesting that Augusta be named the city’s E-M-S service provider .

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