Surprise homecoming for soldier-dad at Episcopal Day School

A happy homecoming at Episcopal Day School

(Augusta, GA)

November 10TH marked exactly one year since Sergeant Matthew Norville left for his third deployment to South Korea. Today he surprised his wife and three boys as he returned home.

“Me and my wife have been through 3 deployments,” Norville says. “So this was nothing new for us.  My oldest son wasn’t even old enough to know I was gone the last time I deployed.  But this was rough.  It’s over. I’m done. I’m home.”

Sgt. Norville says many people don’t understand the sacrifice that military fathers make when serving their country.

“It’s taken more of a mental toll because whenever i left my son was only 8 months old he wasn’t even walking. And whenever I got back today he’s walking and talking. Of  course with technology we were able to stay in touch, and video with each other and talk so he knew who I was.  He just never put his arms around me and that was rough to get over sometimes, to hear my wife talk about him taking his first steps or speaking his first words.”

“It has been amazing,” wife Kimberly Norville says. “Episcopal Day School, especially helping us to organize all this and surprise us.  Very emotional.  We’ve been obviously planning and making signs and doing things at home.  But to have them all together, my three boys and my husband.  Just hopefully his last assignment.”

Kimberly says she’s thankful for the support that EDS has provided for her boys, and she’s just looking forward to having Dad at home.

“I was just thinking that he’s home, and we have to make room for him.  It’s his home, so he’ll find his way.  The boys have already accepted him back and they are planning all of the things they want him to be a part of. “I’m planning sleep, help around the house, mostly date nights.  I can’t wait for those.  Going to see movies together and dinner together, and just having him again.”




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