Study: Youngest sibling most likely to make millions

(WFLA) — If you’re the youngest of your family crew, you’re in luck.

The youngest ones are born to be millionaires.

Researchers at U.K. Universities explained the Born to Rebel study suggests youngest siblings are “more likely to be exploratory, unconventional and tolerant of risk.”

6,300 British people with a various number of siblings were a part of the data pool.

The study claims in a family with two or three siblings, the youngest was almost twice as likely to be an entrepreneur and become their own boss.

We must keep in mind though, the “go-get-em” spirit doesn’t always translate into lots of cash.

But if it did, the youngest sibling has the best chance because they are the ones most likely to throw their hat in the ring.

So basically, according to science, the youngest of the bunch does become the most successful.

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