Golden Apple: Sally Jones

Golden Apple winner Sally Jones

(Thomson, GA)

Sally Jones is a Gifted Specialist at Thomson Elementary School.

“We were working on puzzles and following directions and listening skills,” she says.

Mrs. Jones says children have changed a bit since she first got into the education business.


“They know so much more from a technology standpoint. Their thought process are a lot quicker than kids used to be, because there’s so much more out there globally that they can learn from.”

That’s why she has to stay on her toes to do the best job she can for these bright youngsters.

“I’m constantly learning and working too. Looking for a new way, looking for a new idea, looking for a new topic, something that is going to interest them.”

Mrs. Jones says she depends on a strong team at Thomson Elementary to get the job done.

“That’s where we get our best ideas, we glean from each other.  If I know something that can help somebody else be successful in the classroom, I’m more than willing to help.”

And when we gave her the Golden Apple, McDuffie County leaders were there to show their support–along with the Jones family.  A family with a long, rich history of teaching children and changing lives.

“I really am speechless when it comes to this. These are all people that I have taught with for years. I have taught their children,” she says. “My family has supported me forever. I guess I’ve done something right because I’ve had 3 go into education. But I have a lot of educators before me, going all the way back to my grandad. This is in my blood, this is just what I do. All of this warms my heart more than I can ever say.”

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