Commissioners want to keep park, but not at any price

Foundation launches campaign to save Pendleton King Park.

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It has Augusta leaders barking, that Pendleton King park could be sold for a housing development.

“It needs to remain a park, Pendleton King park has been a very good fixture though out the community for a good number of years I don’t see the need to turn it into some type of development,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Personally I didn’t know they were going to sell it, that isn’t something I heard until just now, what we we’re proposed with was a lease and that was what are discussions were about,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

The City’s lease of the park with the  Henry B King Trust runs out the end of this year Augusta has been paying a dollar a year, plus the costs of maintenance and upkeep, at Pendleton King/

Trustee’s say they contacted the mayor, administrator months ago to work out a new arrangement.

City leaders say the offers were discussed in legal session and never voted on, but it was generally accepted the offers were not acceptable.

“They came with two suggestions, was either we buy it for a million plus or the lease goes from a dollar, to 85 thousand dollars a year, now because the will states that it has to stay a park, we felt like why would we change the lease or try to purchase the land for a million plus,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“And we can’t afford nothing like that and even if they sell it to us they want one point two million dollars,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Was that a mistake in hind sight?

“I don’t think so, let’s wait and see how this all plans out. We didn’t know there was an offer,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“Legally it’s supposed to remain as a park, and personally that’s what I would like to see happen,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

We talked with Clarence Barinowski a long time trustee about the contract with the housing developer hr tells me tonight this can all be settle as long as the city quote comes back with reasonable offer to buy or lease the park, I asked what reasonable and he said more than a dollar a year,

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