Protecting your company’s data just got easier with local cyber security

Unisys To Recruit For New Augusta Location Monday (Image 1)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Many people and even companies report being victims of hackers.  But a cyber security company new to Augusta might be able to protect against those digital bullies.

When Unisys opened a few years ago its promise was to offer cyber security. Recently, the company launched a new way to defend against cyber criminals with protections starting at Fort Gordon and beyond.

“Whether it’s a nation state or a terrorist group or just a large multinational group, if they are targeted with these overwhelming forces they need that kind of defense,”  Unisys Chief Trust Officer Tom Patterson said companies can keep the bad guys out of their data.

He added, “Not sort of the old way to protect things where you put it in a vault and you spun the dial and you were safe. That worked for a long time. But in today’s world where you have to work with the clouds and you have to interact with partners and suppliers, Stealth was built specifically to allow people to have great level of security.

NewsChannel 6’s Renetta DuBose asked Patterson, “I understand why personally I want to protect my data. We have so many hackers now. Why is it so much more important for a company to protect its data?

“Our clients operate some of the critical infrastructure,” he explained. “They keep the lights going, they keep the government running, they defend out forces that are out around the world, they keep the money flowing through the banks. The bits and bites for them are not just their private photos and secret information, but it’s actually the life blood of the economy.”

Protection comes from a new modern software called microsegmentation. The newer version released by Unisys achieves this through automatic isolation of data. The cost varies from 25 cents an hour to tens of thousands of dollars.

“It really does lower overall costs because we’re enabling the use of these efficient things such as cloud and mobile,” he said.

Photojournalist: Anthony Sherrod

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