Drastic spike in number of people killed after hit by cars

Richmond County, GA (WJBF)—A drastic spike in the number of people killed from being hit by a car this year compared to last.

The Richmond County Coroner tells NewsChannel 6, 11 people have been killed this year from being hit by a car while walking alongside or across Richmond County Roads. This is a stark increase compared to last year. One pedestrian was killed from being hit by a car in 2016. Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen says the 2017 numbers are higher than usual.

“We knew we were getting pedestrians struck, we just didn’t know it was that many,” says Coroner Bowen. “I mean we’ve had 11 in 2017, that’s a lot of pedestrians being run over.”

Deans Bridge Road and Mike Padgett Highway have claimed 6 of the 11 lives—3 people killed on each. 5 of the 11 deaths have happened during the last 2 months. All 11 happened at night.

For many, walking is the only option to get from point A to point B. Coroner Bowen says, in those cases, take extra caution.

“Dark clothing—don’t wear dark clothing when it’s dark. That’s a given. Don’t try to beat that car. That car might be running faster than it appears to be. Some places may not have light. If it doesn’t, get kind of off the road a little bit,” Bowen warns.

Most of us have probably done it—we cross the road where it is most convenient. However, let these 11 lives be a reminder to take the extra steps to a cross walk.

“Most people cross the road where ever they come out of a building or get out of a car or whatever, instead of walking 50 feet to a crosswalk or walking an extra 100 yards to a cross walk.” Bowen advises, “Find a place that you’re supposed to cross.”

Bowen finishes saying, those extra steps could be the difference in life or death.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says in all 11 of those cases, the accident was the fault of the pedestrian. None of the drivers involved in these incidents are facing charges. Deputies also say, although not always, alcohol is a factor in many cases.

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