Tennessee family finds wrong person in casket

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WATE) — A Chattanooga family received a shock when visiting a funeral home after the death of a loved one.

Benjamin Brown Jr. died after complications with diabetes.

When his family went to John P. Franklin funeral home for the visitation they noticed something was wrong.

The family noticed someone else was in the casket wearing Brown’s clothes.

“They had to take the clothes off the other guy and put them on my uncle,” said Brown’s nephew Dominique.

Brown lost his legs due to diabetes.

“Open up the casket, if this guy has legs, that’s not my uncle. Open the casket, you see legs and nice slacks,” said Dominique.

One of Brown’s family members is Jasmine Mateen. Mateen lost her daughter Zyaira in the school bus crash last November.

“I feel like with all this is going on, they should be more sentimental with the fact of what’s surrounding and what our family is going through,” says Jasmine. “We already have the one-year anniversary.”

The family has used the funeral home in the past with no problems.

“We feel real disrespected,” says Dominique, “There’s nothing they can do to fix this problem.”

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