Christmas decorations stolen from family’s yard, strangers step up to re-decorate it

Christmas decorations stolen from family's yard, strangers step up to re-decorate it
Christmas decorations stolen from family's yard, strangers step up to re-decorate it

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – A grinch who stole Christmas decorations is on the loose in Columbia County. Five inflatables disappeared overnight from Julie Worthy’s home Tuesday.

“I was just horrified,” Worthy said.

The decorations cost about $260, but to Julie’s four-year-old and two-year-old, they’re priceless.

“Scarlett just kept asking,’Mama where are our blowups?’ And I told her, I was like, baby…somebody took them,” Worthy said.

It was a hard pill to swallow.

“And she said, ‘why Mama?’ and I said, ‘they’re bad people.’ And I mean she just kept asking why. And she was in tears,” Worthy said.

Julie took to Facebook to see if any of the blow-ups had turned up in yard sales. Her post went viral.

“People have been like overwhelmingly generous,” Worthy said. “They’re messaging us, offering us to donate inflatables, and so it’s been really awesome.”

Somone replaced their Paw Patrol blow-up. A box containing an Olaf inflatable appeared on their doorstep from an anonymous giver.

“People have been awesome,” Worthy said.

Julia Bardsley is one of those people.

Her two kids are about the same age as Julie’s, and they also had a minion inflatable. It was easy for her to imagine Julie’s situation.

“Her post mentioned how heartbroken her children were, and that’s immediately where my thoughts went,” Bardsley said.

Julia saw an opportunity to help someone and teach her kids a valuble lesson in what the holidays are really about. They gave their minion to the Worthys. When they saw Scarlett’s reaction to the new minion, they got emotional.

“We all broke down in tears,” she said. “And actually the minion was a gift from my father to our children, so I showed him the video. And he broke down in tears. And he showed it to my mom, who broke down in tears.”

A grinch may have taken the decorations, but they couldn’t take away the Christmas spirit of giving.

None of the stolen decorations have turned up, and no suspects have been identified. If you’re worried about an inflatable getting stolen, one thing you can do is write your name and number on the back.

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