A local family warns some cell phones are not safe

THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF)– Just last year, 2.5 million Samsung phones were recalled after several exploded. I sat down with a family today who told me Samsung isn’t the only company selling destructive mobile devices.

“Is the house going to burn down or what?” That is what ran through Amity Gay’s mind as she looked over at her cell phone to find it smoking.

The HTC Desire 530 phone was a gift from her mom just four months ago… but burnt pieces are all that remain.

“She was yelling “Mama,” Tama Gay, AMity’s mom said.

“Then I threw it, and this is where it landed,” Amity explained.

Then Tama Gay stepped in– she picked up the melting phone, just to throw it back down because the device burned three of her fingers. A distorted phone, burned carpet and hurt fingers later, the Gay family wants answers..

I sat down with a cell phone repair expert, Jennifer Mendez, to get professional insight: “Do not use an an after market charger. If you have an iPhone, buy it from apple,” Mendez recommended. “If you have an HTC, buy it from the HTC website.”

Amity told me she used the device’s original charger. She began charging the phone at 11 pm, went to sleep, then took it off the charge at 6 the next morning.

But what we learned from Mendez is that it is dangerous to keep a phone on charge for long periods of time due to overheating: “I always recommend leaving it on the night stand, unplugging it before bed,” Mendez said. “Then charge it when you are getting ready in the morning.”

Mendez explained despite the make, from time to time, each phone brand has certain glitches. For HTC, she experiences several charger port issues. And for iPhones, people have the most trouble when using off-brand chargers. As far as Samsung, she says over charging the device causes the most damage.

“I was shaking. I am still shaking. All I could see was her. She is all I have. If this little bit of knowledge can help someone… I praise God,” Tama said.

Tama contacted HTC corporate Tuesday. No word yet on how or if the family will be reimbursed.

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