After re-vote commission rejects offer for arena at Regency Mall

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Mayor Hardie Davis said commissioners had a right to reconsider their vote to keep arena negotiations going with owners of regency mall, but it’s something he didn’t support.

“They wanted to reconsider their action and they did,” said Mayor Davis.

‘You didn’t want to reconsider that action.’

“I didn’t think it was necessary,” said the Mayor.

But commissioner Ben Hasan felt it was necessary. He voted in favor of a motion to accept Regency Mall as the site of a new arena, but to reject the deal from mall owners and allow negotiations to go on for another 45 days.

“I was totally never going to support that, I didn’t realize until almost 30 minutes later what had actually happened. My colleague said something to me so at that point began to try and take a position to where I can get a vote of reconsideration,” said Hasan.

Mayor Davis, however, didn’t buy Hasan’s explanation.

“He didn’t get it wrong the first time, he voted the way he felt when the public was there, the public has since cleared,” said Hasan.

“No it’s too big a deal, I don’t play games like that. I think that’s the mayor’s small ball, I don’t do that,” said Hasan.

The Mayor had a sense that there would be a motion to reconsider the mall vote so he attempted to adjourn the meeting before it could take place even leaving his seat.

“I got up and walked away because there was no additional business on the agenda,” said Davis.

Mayor says all the vote did was reject the arena deal with mall owners but says to him Regency Mall is still the selected site to build it.

“That’s news to us this body votes on it we had six votes today to reject it I think the arena at Regency mall is dead I think we need to look at new development at the Regency Mall area,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Two weeks ago a majority of commissioners approved a November 30th deadline for the Coliseum Authority to come up with an acceptable OFFER from mall owners or Commissioners wanted the Authority to move on to a different location.

Tonight’s re-vote means that deadline for an acceptable offer was missed.

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