WJBF Scholar Athlete: Jefferson County’s Luke Rodgers

LOUISVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) — Luke Rodgers is the cornerstone of the Jefferson County tennis team. As the Warriors No. 1 singles player, he’s been named the team’s most valuable player the past two seasons.

Rodgers is also one of the top students at Jefferson County High School with a 4.0 GPA. He said the main reason he’s had so much success on the court and in the classroom is his mom’s guidance.

“[She] means a lot,” Rodgers said. “She encouraged me to play tennis and made sure I always kept my grades [up]. I can thank her for winning [the scholar athlete award].”

“Luke and I have always been very close,” Rodgers’ mother, Jennifer Chance, said. “He’s grown up in a house full of sisters, and he’s always been someone I can depend on. He’s always been very responsible, and he’s just very important and special to me.”

Rodgers said he plans to attend either Georgia or Georgia Tech and study business management.


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