Eye witness account of deadly boat crash on Clarks Hill Lake

Apling, GA (WJBF)—On Friday, we received an eye-witness account of the boat crash that killed two fishermen on Clarks Hill Lake.

Willie Pringle says he saw the whole thing while out on the lake fishing. He describes the crash saying, “it sounded like a bomb went off.” Pringle says he was about half a football field away.

When we asked how fast the boats were moving. Pringle responded saying, “fast, they were going real fast.”

Pringle showed us where he called 911 at 3:04 on Friday December 1st. DNR tells us the accident happened about that time. Pringle describes what he saw leading up to the accident and afterwards.

“They got to the pole line, that’s when they collided,” Pringle says. “The bodies went up in the air and the pieces from the boat went up in the air and came right back down. I looked to see if anybody was moving. Nobody was moving so I went and called 911.”

A big question on many people’s minds—how did the drivers not see each other? Pringle explains what he thinks is the answer.

“The one coming toward me on the north side, the sun was facing him,” Pringle describes. “He probably didn’t see it, and then the other one, he could have seen him, but you know they had jackets and stuff on. They’d probably wrap up real tight.”

Thomas Allgood Jr. from Augusta and George Ashmore from Thomson died in the crash. Both of their funerals were this week.

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