2nd Annual Battle of the CSRA tournament focuses on more than football

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF Sports) — With many different recreational sports leagues and organizations in the area, former NFL player Raymond Webber wanted to provide a unifying event where any kid in the CSRA could participate. And he did just that last year with the first annual Battle of the CSRA football tournament. It went well with over 150 participants last year but has grown immensely with over 500 kids set to play in this weekend’s event.

“A lot of guys put on football camps and combines, and that’s good, but football games — that’s what they want to play,” Webber, a St. Louis native, said. “They want to play for trophies, they want to play for awards. They want to play for teams with their friends. When it’s a combine or a camp, it’s all kind of individualized but a big football tournament, they still play with their teammates.”

Webber still wants to teach valuable lessons of the game, like sportsmanship, but this year he wants to drive home even more life lessons. In addition to the tournament, he and camp volunteers are holding a food drive this year. They will use proceeds from admission and raffle tickets from the tournament and any other donations to provide food for homeless people.

“The biggest thing we want to teach these kids is that it’s more than a game,” Webber said. “That football is more than a game. That they have a platform that they can actually reach out to people and help people. So the teams and I, the guys that I train at the gym, we’re all going to go out on December 23rd to feed Augusta’s homeless, so it’s going to be a great opportunity for the youth to see a different aspect of life, because they don’t understand how good they have it right now. We want to incorporate that and just help them be better people.”

Webber and his team have not decided yet who they will donate the food through, so if you’d like to get in touch with them, their contact information is listed below.

It’s also not too late to join the football tournament that will be played this Saturday and Sunday at Butler High School and Fleming Park. Reach out to either Raymond or Brandon, if interested.


Raymond Webber: mtagdevelpmentcenter@gmail.com, (706) 231-4760

Brandon Pridgen: bpridgen@jimhudson.com, (706) 910-9375

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