Golden Apple: Becky Bennett

Golden Apple winner Becky Bennett

(Martinez, GA)

Becky Bennett teaches 2nd grade at Stevens Creek Elementary School.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Bennett says. “ Even when I was in school, I just admired my teachers. I loved being around kids in high school and college and gravitated toward the younger kids and wanted to be around them. I love helping them.”

Today her students were tackling some pretty tough math problems.

“These were number talks. We do this every day with Math, just so the kids can get used to explaining their thinking and find different strategies to use for problems.”

Mrs. Bennett is so much more than a teacher. She’s a cheerleader–keeping her kids interested and engaged in the lessons.

“It’s all about making the kids feel good and encouraged in our classroom. I saw another teacher do it one time. So I started Googling and getting on Pinterest, and seeing different cheers you can do. They love cheering each other on.  They get excited when their friends do something awesome so we can celebrate it.”

We celebrate you Mrs. Bennett. For your success in the classroom, your success at home, and the ability to balance both worlds.

“It’s an investment in the kids,” she says. “When they’re in my class they become my kids. When they’re outside of my class they’re still my kids. I think about them just as much as I think of my own 5 children. I just love them.”


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