New arena at Regency returns before commissioners

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) For Commissioner Marion Williams Regency Mall is the beat location for a new arena, and maybe even more to honor James Brown.

“I would like to make a real James Brown Arena, and maybe even a James Brown Museum, put some retails stores and some shops around there we got to wow the people,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Williams going back to committee to have city leaders approve the mall as the site for a new arena, and create a committee to begin negotiations with mall owners for the next 45 days.

“I’m in favor of the site, give us time to work out a deal if we can’t work out a deal eminent domain, the court would decide what we pay for it,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

After a lot of confusion last week commissioner rejected the same proposal, and some see no reason for the commission to be revisiting the issue.

“It should not be coming back I think the Coliseum Authority has said initially they asked themselves what they would do if the commission happened to turn this down which was on the 20th of November and the said they would move on,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“Does the public want you to keep going back to this issue, or should last week be the final decision?’

“A lot of the comments I received was satisfied with the decision of last week,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams

Last week Mayor Davis adjourned the meeting to try and stop a reconsideration of the vote to accept the mall as the site; he now isn’t saying anything about this attempt to try again.

“Today is a day of keeping your eyes on everything and everybody,” said the Mayor Hardie Davis.

How about the arena at the mall issue?

“At the mall are we talking about that today,” said Mayor Davis.

“The same thing that was defeated.”

“We’ll talk about it then,” said Mayor Davis.

Neither a motion to accept the mall as the arena site, or dismiss it was approved by the committee both deadlocked two and two meaning it isn’t over.

The issue goes back to the full commission next week December 19th without a committee recommendation.


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