Suffering from ‘Selfitis’? Study says obsessive need to post selfies is bad

(WFLA) — A new study says taking too many selfies to make you feel good is an actual illness. But how do you know if you’ve got it?

Psychologists say it is now considered a real mental condition.

The team of researchers found taking self-portraits daily can help increase a person’s overall mood and fight off the feeling of stress and loneliness.

If you think you may be suffering from this disorder, you can quickly diagnose it to be sure.

All you have to do is evaluate 20 statements and decide how you feel by ranking each of them with a value between one and five.

The higher the score you have, the more likely it is you’ve come down with “selfitis”.

FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE SELFITIS: Answer the statements here to see if you have it

Some of the statements include, “I feel more popular when I post my selfies on social media.” And “I use photo-editing tools to enhance my selfie to look better than others.”

According to the research, if you have a high score it means you’re balancing low self-confidence with obsessive attention-seeking and you choose to connect further with the social media world to feel like part of a larger group that doesn’t necessarily exist.

The research doesn’t mention any sort of treatment at this time, but if you set your phone down for a moment, you can always build a connection with someone in person.

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