SC lawmaker looking to increase fines for driving slow

SOUTH CAROLINA (WJBF)– A South Carolina lawmaker is looking to increase fines for drivers who are driving slower than the posted speed limit in the left lane.

State Senator Ross Turner said he is pushing for a bill that would add on an extra $200 to your ticket if you’re pulled over for blocking the passing lane. He said he made up his mind on the measure after a recent trip across the state took longer than expected.

Turner explained that he is hoping the extra fine will be enough to make those cars move over out of the passing lane.

Some drivers agree with the proposal: “Everyone’s got places to go to. And if you’re taking your time in the left lane, keeping people from trying to get through, it makes it more frustrating and that increases road rage.” Long Huynduc of Simposonville said. “I’m 100% for it.”

Turner said he doesn’t know how this bill will be enforced properly, but that it’s more about sending a message to those drivers.

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