One group helping a family who lost everything in a fire Tuesday morning

JACKSON, S.C. (WJBF)– One organization is lending a helping hand to an Aiken County family that lost its home in an early morning fire Tuesday. It happened on Main Street in Jackson.

The Sorrell family woke up to a heartbreaking sight this morning. Wayne Sorrell is a cub scout leader in North Augusta, and the boys under his lead are exhausting all efforts to make sure the household doesn’t go without while getting back on their feet.

“Wayne works hard. He has always worked hard for what he has,” Mike Ludwikowski, event co-organizer, said.

Now, American Red Cross is assisting Wayne, Cathy, and 8-year old Evan Sorrell, along with Cathy’s father who owned and lived in the home.

Wayne is a Cub Scout leader for Pack 7 in North Augusta, so the Aiken County community is working to ensure the family gets everything they need during one of the coldest months of the year. Mike Ludwikowski’s son is in Wayne’s cub scout group.

“To support a man who helps to build a better future, the better kids for tomorrow.He’s really just a low spoken gentleman,” Ludwikowski said. “He cares a lot about the kids and doesn’t ask for anything really, ever.”

Community members opened up the Boy Scout Hut behind Grace Methodist Church in North Augusta Tuesday evening to collect donations for the family.

“I brought him so good socks that I haven’t used yet, and a house robe I never used,” Robert Hiette tole NewsChannel 6’s Samantha Williams. “And some shoes I hardly ever wore.”

Although off a slow start, Ludwikowski has faith in the Aiken County community. He told me this isn’t the first time that the pack 7 scouts had a fire devastation.

“This happened a couple of years ago to one of our scouts, and the turn out from the community was awesome,” Ludwikowski explained. “We were actually able to help another ten families plus theirs from all of the donations that we had.”

The group is holding another donation event Wednesday night from 5-9 pm at the Scout Hut behind Grace Methodist Church off Georgia Avenue in North Augusta.

SIZES: Evan is 8 years old— size 5/6 clothes, size 3 shoes
Wayne: XL shirt, 40×32 pants, XL undergarments, 11.5 shoe
Cathy: XL or 2 XL shirt, 20 pant size, size 8 undergarments, 11 wide shoe size
Cathy’s father (it’s his home and he also lived there): 3 XL shirt, Pants size 52, 3XL undergarment, 13 wide shoe size

The family has also set up a GoFund Me page: CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

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