“Out There…Somewhere”: No fair-weather fans these

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Clad in is his Bulldogs hat Jimmy Tutt speaks for many…

“Georgia, Georgia”, Jimmy sang out with a big laugh.

Georgia fans are waving the flag on this. We found Julie Rich all suited up.

“I’m totally decked out, I got the red pants, I got the black shirt, even my dog scarf I got for my birthday you got to rep the dogs you know what I’m saying,” said Julie.

But Oliver Maloney was embarrassed; this big Dawgs fan didn’t follow the dress code.

“I actually saw the Governor declared it ‘red and black day’ last night. Slipped my mind this morning man,” said Oliver.

‘Feeling bad.’

“I know,” he said.

Bulldog fans need not be out of uniform even in South Carolina, at this store there was a blitz on Georgia swag even if some didn’t understand why.

“I’m a Carolina fan so we have had a lot of Georgia fans coming in here,” said Morgan Morton who was working the counter.

With the Bulldog’s success there’s a lot of buzz on the street, even though it’s cold about  fair weather fans, and band-wagon jumpers, fans who are latching on to the bulldogs success.

“Bandwagon fans there not a true bulldog fans you stay though the heartache you stay through the uprising and you stay through all of it,” said Julie.

So I give you Faye Edmunds, in North Augusta shopping for Bulldog stuff pretty last minute.

‘Are you a band-wagon jumper?’

“I’m a full Georgia Bulldog, fan”, said Faye.

That’s true Faye had been watching the bulldogs for years.

“I remember going and watching Hershel Walker play,” she said

‘You’re a real fan.’

“I’m a real fan, went to the Sugar Bowl”, said Faye.

So the team’s success may have brought in some new Bulldog fans well that’s smart.

Out There somewhere in North Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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