Fans get ready for the ‘natty’ in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA—Local sports bars are getting ready for kick off!

Monday night at 8PM the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the NCAA Football National Championship.

Many here in the Augusta area are planning out where they will watch the game. Some are headed to local sports bars like Wild Wing Café on Washington Road in Augusta. The restaurant is bound to be filled with red and black, but owner Tricie Scholer says crimson is welcome also. “We’re big time Georgia fans here, but we welcome Alabama fans too,” Scholer says.

They are staffed up and stocked up on extra beer and chicken wings. They are expecting an energetic atmosphere.

“People get really loud. People are cheering—they can hear them in Athens!” Scholer jokes.

Others are throwing watch parties from their homes. Luke Thomson says they expect roughly 35 people to show up at their house.

“I think we’re having like 5 actual dogs coming so it’s going to be a great time” says Thompson.

Thompson has not shaved his beard since the Dawgs lost to Auburn back in November. He says, this is purely because of superstition.

“As Michael Scott would say, I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little ‘stitious’ so I just decided I’d let it grow out. They’ve won so far so I’m going to keep it going,” says Thompson with a smile.

Sure, you will save money by watching the game on TV, but the most coveted seats are the ones inside Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. We caught up with Dawg fan Brodie Orr as he was leaving Augusta headed to the game.

“We’ve had season tickets ever since I’ve been alive so, I’ve waited 25 years for this. I had to be there!” Orr said with conviction.

He paid a pretty penny for his tickets, but he says it is totally worth it! “Most people like travel, vacation, and do other stuff, we save money for Georgia games,” Orr says.

Orr has on his red and black National Championship t’shirt as he drives away. On it, the words—“Just Won More.”

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