Two Grovetown councilwomen sworn in; One taxpayer wants answers about Councilman Trudeau

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF)– The City of Grovetown swore in a new councilwoman Monday night and another was sworn in and re-elected as incumbent. But Mayor Gary Jones is still planning to take action against Councilmen Dennis Trudeau after he refused to step down following a recent controversy.

One Grovetown taxpayer came to get answers from the mayor: “Mr. Jones said he was going to look into different avenues, different legislative options to force him out, so I wanted what those were, and where he was in that process,” Natasha Gray of Grovetown told me.

This stems from Councilman and former mayor Dennis Trudeau’s stepdaughter, Vicki Capetillo. The former city clerk admitted to stealing nearly $900,000 from the city, and Capetillo admitted the money she stole was deposited into a family member’s account.

So on December 31st, Mayor Gary Jones sent Trudeau an email– asking him to resign due to a conflict of interest. Trudeau declined.

“Mr. Trudeau is a long-time politician here. He is well-known in this city,” Gray explained. “Even if he didn’t know affirmatively what his stepdaughter was doing, when she was accused, he tried to halt the process, the truth-finding process.”

And now newly elected Councilwoman Deborah Fisher has filed a complaint against Mayor Jones: Citing secret meetings and that he is not being transparent.

I asked Fisher about the situation, but she replied, “No, I don’t have any comment.”

“I feel that because it’s his step-daughter that stole this money, it’s a conflict of interest. And for the good of this city, and for the good of this city, he should step down.”

Mayor Jones was not able to answer Gray’s question concerning the next steps in line for Councilman Trudeau– He said he has to discuss it with council first.

Count on NewsChannel 6 to keep you updated.

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