Arena at Regency to go back to commission for 3rd time

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The Public  Services Committee agenda did not include the proposal to select Regency Mall as the site of a new arena due to an oversight by the clerk’s office, so it would need the consent off all four committee members to discuss it,

“If it don’t come today I mean it’s coming, I’m going to put it back on the agenda, you can’t limit an elected official from putting something back on the agenda,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

The Public Services Committee voted to add the item, and then voted to send selecting Regency Mall as the site of a new arena to the full commission without a recommendation.


“I think everybody is exhausted over this ordeal, and we just need to move on,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle who chairs the committee.


What Commissioner Marion Williams wants is the commission to move on is approving something to transform the Regency Mall area.


“If you build a James Brown museum, you build a James Brown Arena, you put some retail stores some restaurants it’s going to blow that side of town up,” said Commissioner Williams.


Other commissioners are in favor of the mall site, but don’t think there’s support for the plan.


“Evidently we don’t have enough votes to move forward with it so as far as I’m concern it’s a dead deal,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.



Commissioner Williams doesn’t blame the mall site for the lack of support he blames Mayor Hardie Davis saying he’s the reason other commissioners are voting against the plan.


“Really I think this is an attack on the mayor I think commissioners dislike the mayor they dislike his politics it’s not about the mayor it’s about moving this city forward,” said Commissioner Williams.


Commissioner Williams says many in Augusta are disappointed that Commissioners have not approved Regency Mall as the site of a new arena; it now looks like city leaders will get another chance later this month despite seven votes against the plan the last two times the issue came before them.

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