Columbia County leaders address concerns regarding Washington Road project

EVANS, Ga.(WJBF)– Rows and rows of orange cones make up the Washington Road widening project.

It was slated to be completed in September, then got pushed to the end of the year.

If you drive along that area, you can see it’s still not finished, fueling complaints from drivers.

“We know the road needs to be open quickly and now we’re starting to receive additional pressures,” said County Administrator Scott Johnson.

Johnson says he understands the the frustration but rain has played a factor and there are DOT state laws that have suspended construction when it comes to weather, especially when temps drop to 45 degrees and lower.

“Unfortunately, with the cold that came through, you’re not allowed to pave so that’s really where we are now, trying to finish up the paving,” said Johnson.

Because of the pressure to get the project complete, the county has brought in additional crews.

County Commissioner and Chair Candidate Doug Duncan has taken on the task of monitoring the widening project.

“They told us that it should be fully flowing by the end of the year or January 1 and when it wasn’t, I got with Scott and said, ‘ I want daily updates, I want to know what the heck is going on, it’s taking way too long,'” said Duncan.

The county says it’s all in an effort to give drivers and Columbia County residents what they expect.

“They want the road finished. They deserve a road that’s finished on time and on budget.and it’s frustrating for folks,” said Duncan.

NewsChannel 6 will keep you updated on the progress.

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