Woman charged in death of frozen puppy arrested, tells her side of the story

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)– You may remember Robyn Bacon who was charged but not arrested last week when officers found a dead, frozen puppy in her backyard.

The situation caused an uproar throughout the community. After law enforcement changed Bacon’s animal cruelty charges, she was arrested on a $5,000 bond. NewsChannel 6’s Samantha Williams talked with Bacon shortly after she bonded out, and she tells me there are two sides to every story.

“I just want it to stop because people are judging me based on one side of the story. Not only that, but it’s very personal because now you’re jeopardizing my family,” Bacon said.

Last week, Robyn Bacon was charged with animal cruelty after she called Aiken Public Safety to check on her children. Bacon said she couldn’t reach them by phone while she was working.

Police said her kids were fine, but the two dogs in her backyard were not. One puppy was found frozen, the other dog chained up in 15 degree weather.

“The way the police found the dog Tuesday was pretty much the way the dogs have been looking,” bacon explained.

Bacon told me she believes the dogs were abandoned after her neighbors moved out of their house. She said after seeing the dogs roam the neighborhood, she took action– a week before she was charged.

“My son has a big heart like I do, and his exact words were, ‘Mom, just let them come in the fence,'” Bacon said.

So she did. Bacon explained the puppy was sick when she found it that she chained up the white pit bull because it kept jumping her fence She claimed her landlord forbids animals inside of the home.

“Monday, I come home from work, and check my mailbox like I always do,” Bacon started. “There is a note that had been mailed to me, basically calling me names, wishing death on me.”

So that is when she called Aiken Public Safety. Officers arrived on scene with handcuffs, arresting Bacon after changing the original charge from animal cruelty to III Treatment of Animals.
She bonded out of jail Tuesday with a $5,000 bond.

“Even when she was a small girl, we would pass by a turtle on the ground, and she would have me stop the truck, and take the turtle to safety,” Eugene Bacon, Robyn’s dad, described.

I spoke with an official at Aiken Public Safety, and they told me the change to the original charge came because it allows the court additional sentencing options.

Count on us to keep you updated.

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