Celebrating in Silence: Being an Alabama fan in Bulldog country.

(Augusta, GA)

“Hello everybody. As a newscaster, it’s such a privilege to be welcomed into your homes each night.  But, as an Alabama fan, it can feel downright lonely in these parts.  And coming from a place that prides itself on pachyderms, sometimes I feel like the elephant in the room.”

When I’m with my family, I feel all the Alabama love a man and a fan could want.

Outside of  that support system though, it’s clear that I am far away from Crimson Tide Territory.

I paid a visit to Cecil Muller at Hibbett Sports.

“Cecil, I need some Alabama gear. Can you hook me up?”

But Cecil could not hook me up.

Rack after rack Georgia stuff at his store.

A room full of red and black where Roll Tide means nothing.

“We’re about to have the national championship game. Why don’t you have any gear for one of the teams?”

(Cecil): “Well, we’re not a team sports store, so we kinda get location-based,”

(Brad): “You have Georgia stuff.”

(Cecil): “We do. We’re in Georgia.”

Yes Cecil we’re definitely in Georgia.   A fact painfully reinforced when I rocked my crimson at the corner of Bobby Jones Expressway and Washington Road.   A place I shall now call the intersection of insults.

“Roll Tide”

“That man just said ‘You suck. Go Dogs.’ That’s not very nice.”

“Woo! Roll Tide! (Horn honks)”

“Augustans are usually so nice.”

“No!  You’re holding up the wrong finger.”

My family feels it too. My son Sam and his high school basketball teammates are typically tight–but not when the Dogs and the Tide square off.

The lonelieness of the Bama fan in Bulldog country is real.

Sometimes it’s so tough you just don’t want to get out of bed.  But you have to wake up and face the real world. Your team needs you.

Maybe I’ll just watch the game at a local hangout.  Hmmm starting to get the feeling that I’ve wandered back into Bulldog Nation.

But even with all this dog decor, all these walls with all this memorabilia, the crew at Carolina Ale House assures me there’s a place for me here on game day.

Adgi Withrow/Carolina Ale House

“All fans are welcome here. It doesn’t matter what team you’re going for. Everybody  kind of plays along with each other and everybody’s welcome.”

“So go ahead and cheer for those Bulldogs all you want, but remember  the plight of the Alabama fan. Love us. Be nice to us. Put yourself in our shoes.  In Augusta Brad Means WJBF NewsChannel 6.”



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