Grovetown resident works to start recall process against Councilman Dennis Trudeau

GROVETOWN, GA. (WJBF) – A Grovetown resident is taking matters into his own hands, working to get Dennis Trudeau off city council.

This comes after Trudeau’s stepdaughter, Vicki Capetillo, admitted to stealing close to $900,000 from the city when she was city clerk.

During that time, Mayor Gary Jones says Trudeau made votes regarding Capetillo and worked to stop the investigation involving her.

Jones has asked Trudeau to step down but he’s refused.

Now, Grovetown Resident Allen Transou is working to start the recall process.

“At this time, I think he needs to step down because of his knowledge of the theft from the city. I know he says he doesn’t know anything about it but based on information that’s been presented, it’s hard for me to believe that he’s totally oblivious to what has taken place in the city,” said Transou.

Transou says he plans to head to the Columbia County Board of Elections on Thursday to start the recall process.

NewsChannel 6 will keep you updated.

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