Georgia State Patrol seeking troopers

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF)– Georgia State Patrol is looking for a few good men and women.

Last year, Governor Nathan Deal approved a 20% raise for Georgia troopers, but the department is still trying to boost their numbers.

“It’s got to be what you want to do– not what you think you want to do,” Senior Trooper Ben Rollins said.

Rollins explained right now, every post in Georgia is need of state troopers… Even after a nearly 20% hike in salary last year.

While in training, students are paid a base salary of $36,000. Come graduation, you start at $46,000. But Trooper Rollins said it takes more than good pay to be successful.

“One of the first things you will have to do is pass a physical fitness test. But, as far as schooling goes, it 32 weeks right now, and it’s basically like going through a boot camp,” he told NewsChannel 6’s Samantha Williams.

Rollins told us schooling is no easy task. A school that is currently in session started with 72 students, but after 3 months, only 43 remain.

He explained mindset is key: “No matter what happens in school.. what they make me do, or what they say to me, or how many hundreds of pushups I do, I’m going to stay. I’m going to walk across that stage and become a state trooper.

Georgia State Patrol is an assist agency that helps out other local law enforcement agencies. Rollins said an average trooper works traffic control, stopping cars, assisting wrecks and anything else other agencies need. But there’s more–

“We have an aviation unit that assists all agencies,” Rollins explained. “We also have a SWAT team, a Dive team, and a motorcycle unit that operates strictly in Atlanta.”

Rollins told us state patrol is a family oriented agency with fairly flexible schedules, but above all, he said troopers have to have a passion to help their community: “It’s not something everyone can do or would want to do, but you really have to be dedicated to make it. We work for the governor, essentially.

Another factor in the shortage– people have been retiring.

For information on how you can apply, click here

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