WATCH: Deaf Texas boy, 4, hears music for first time

DALLAS, Texas (KRON/CNN) — A little boy in Texas heard live music for the first time in his life.

The 4-year-old lost his hearing as an infant, but with the help of a new cochlear implant, he is hearing a world of sounds for the first time.

Cody and Brenda Lee were leaving the Dallas Maverick’s game with their son, Jace.

A new sound had the 4-year-old racing down the stairs. His parents could hardly hold him back.

Jace was hearing the sounds of the Mavericks drumline.

The percussions are one of just a handful of sounds he’s ever heard.

That night was an amazing experience not just for Jace but for the drummers.

“It’s still blowing me away,” said Todd Jackson, who is part of the Mavericks drumline. “Just the fact that you think about your youngest age, how young you can think of something, and this is going to be one of those moments for him.”

Cody and Brenda are starting to realize they might have a future drummer in the family.

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