The CSRA celebrating one of America’s most notable civil rights activist

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– “Martin has a dream. Martin has a dream,” kids chanted in the parade.

“He had a dream that all black boys and black girls and white boys and white girls would come together and be equal,” 12-year-old Jeremiah Jackson who was at the parade told NewsChannel 6’s Samantha Williams.

Fifty years following his death, Martin Luther King’s legacy lives on. People from all backgrounds came together as one on Saturday to celebrate one man’s accomplishments.

“He brought blacks a long way,” Alvin White who attended the parade explained. “The idea of him doing that in those days and times is remarkable.”

“His dreams have been fulfilled,” Jackson said. “If I go to a table and blacks and whites are there, I just sit at the table. There is no big deal about it.”

People from all walks of life came to celebrate Dr. King’s life– He would have been 89 on Monday.

But for some, they feel the fight still isn’t over. “We have a long way to go,” Emma Collins admitted. “I would say if he was alive today, he would be happy, but he would be sad, too, to see things going on now.”

“The country needs to come together and stop being divided,” White told me. “The problem now: The country is just divided.”

Collins remembers when MLK was alive: “[I] watched him on TV– Alabama marching across that bridge, Alabama and Mississippi. Then he got locked up.”

Collins told me many things come to mind when she hears Dr. King’s name, but mostly, she feels emotion.

“The way he was treated when he was marching for us,’ Collins said. “It was just sad. And the way he died. I wish he was still around so he could see some of the changes he made.”



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