Golden Apple: Tiffany Chrisman

Golden Apple winner Tiffany Chrisman

(Augusta, GA)

Tiffany Chrisman’s classroom is filled with beautiful works of art from her super-talented students at Butler High School.

“Since 2nd grade I’ve been in special art classes,” Chrisman says. “ It’s just a thing I’ve always done. I went to Augusta College, at the time, Augusta University now.  I majored in Art, which is a fabulous program. I felt that students needed to see that and share that with them.”

And you don’t have to be an accomplished artist to find your place here.

“We have all the way from beginning classes to sculpture, photography, and Advanced Placement.  You don’t have to have the skill to come in. Many of our feeder schools do not have Art. So I’m starting fresh with a lot of our students.”

This a place where kids can create and take a break from the stresses of high school life.

“Art gives them that escape. It’s their release. They can feel free to be themselves, just express themselves, do whatever they want.  They love Art. For some kids, this is why they come to school.”

Every picture tells a story. Every work of art the result of the efforts of Tiffany Chrisman’s students.  It’s what makes these walls and her classes so special.

“They remind me why I do this,” she says. “They make me feel so good. I can show them off in the county, in the state, in the nation.  We had people at the national level last year.  Just to be able to show my kids at little ol’ Butler High School can do the work. They’re wonderful and I follow them all the way through.”

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