A plan that could save Pendleton King Park?

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– “All the people I have talked to are very positive about keeping this a part of our community,” Dennis Williams, Commissioner of the district, told NewsChannel 6.

Pendleton King park’s future is still up in the air– a dilemma felt community-wide.

The park has been in a short-term lease with the city since January 1st, but Commissioner Williams said it may be busier now than ever before.

“People are showing their support and their desire for the park to remain a part of our community, and that is a very good thing,” Commissioner Williams explained. “It shows the trustees and those who want to sell the park how people feel about the park.”

According to the King will, the 64-acre site is to remain a park, in its entirety, forever.

After a Queensborough Bank Trust officer and a fellow trustee wrote up a contract to sell the park for $1.2 million in October, Augustans responded in disbelief.

Now, a “land swap” is in the mix of possible solutions. Nothing is concrete, but the plan is for Winchester Homebuilders to buy the park, then donate it to the City of Augusta. In return, the housing development company would receive a tax credit and land with matched value to be developed.

Commissioner Williams said above all, the King will should be honored: “He did leave it for the enjoyment of other people in the community, and it was a part of his last will. Therefore, that is what it should be used for.”

He explained the city is not involved, yet.

“One thing I do know is that we, the citizens of Augusta, do want to maintain the park here. We will do our best to make sure that comes about,” Commissioner Williams assured.

District Attorney Natalie Paine filed an injunction against the trustees of the park in hopes to halt the original sale. No word, yet, on the result.

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