Paine College host event for high schoolers

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Paine College held its first High School Day to attract graduating seniors in the CSRA and out of state.

The high school seniors got a taste of what college life feels like for the day.

Dozens of students toured the campus, ate brunch with fellow collegiates at Paine, and ended the day watching the men’s basketball team match-up against Morehouse College.

Business Administration major Terrance Rodgers, a senior at the college hopes after today’s event, more students will be interested in enrolling at Paine.

Rodgers hopes not only the pep rally they had for seniors influenced their decision to enroll at Paine but the strong academic presences too.

“This is a great school no matter what people think or the negative light that might been shed on the school,” said Terrance Rodgers, senior at Paine. “We want them to come here, we have a lot to offer, we have a lot of tracks, different career opportunities, and outlets. That’s mainly our goal, just to spread the word about the good that Paine has to offer to the community.”

According to officials, Paine College is working to conduct another “High School Day” in mid-April. To register for the next high school day, visit

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