Columbia County works to get Flowing Wells Road widened

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – If you’ve driven along Flowing Wells Road during early morning or evening hours, you’re probably used to bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Kenny Lazar is.

“Traffic is ungodly,” said Lazar.

His business, Lazar Antiques and Collectibles, has been here for 30 years and sits right where the widening will begin near I-20.

He doesn’t just work along Flowing Wells road. he lives off it too.

“You can sit out there, anywhere from ten to twenty minutes to get home and it’s only a half a mile down the street,” said Lazar.

Columbia County Traffic Engineering Director Steve Cassell says the time is inching closer to help give drivers relief.

“I think we have seven or eight more parcels to acquire, we are looking to send it out to contract late April, early May,” said Cassell.

The head of school at Augusta Prep, Peter Huestis, says getting in and out right now can be tough.

He adds that any construction that will end congestion at the school is a good thing.

Cassell says the widening will end right at Washington road.

“So, we’ll do a little realignment to Washington Road to kind of square that intersection up and give it a little more capacity, as well as fixing the area at Columbia Road by adding dual left lanes and get that flowing,” said Cassell.

A three lane section with a left turn median will be added along with sidewalks.

It’s a slow but definite project to hopefully change Lazar’s and other driver’s view during their commute.

“I don’t believe it until I start seeing the ground come up. Just to be honest with you. When they start tearing the road up, I’ll say, well, they’re doing it finally,” Lazar.

The county says it hopes to have construction in full gear by the end of this year.

In the meantime, the county is focusing on finishing up Washington Road and starting on Lewiston Road.

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