“Out There…Somewhere”: Where even patriots love the eagles

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – This remote section of Aiken County is a long way from the streets of Philadelphia, but their Super Bowl pick is only natural.

“The Eagles of course”, says Paul Koehler

“Around here I think we’re going to go with the Eagles,” said Brandon Heitkamp.

Around here is the Silverbluff Audubon Center. It’s for the birds.

“We got some bald eagles here so I have no choice but to root that way,” says Brandon.

Here’s the eagles locker room: a giant nest high in pine tree.

They’ve been eagle fans for years here.

“We’ve got a nesting pair that’s been here since 1994”, says Paul who is the director.

Here’s a picture Forest Roberts took of the eagle at Silverbluff. Just look. The eagle is our national symbol, eagles come to play.

“When they soar, on the ponds they’ll soar right over head it will send a chill now your spine,” said Brandon.

But these eagles need to be flagged for delay of game, they’re not showing up, we fear a super shut out.

“We’re a little unlucky hopefully the eagles show on Sunday,” said Brandon.

But if you want to get back into the game, you take to the air.

Here comes our Silverbluff eagle. Go eagles go! Way to make the big play.

“Alright perfect,” said Paul.

Now these eagles are not playing in the Super Bowl but they do have the pressure of being the national symbol.

And you know who loves the national symbol…Patriots.

“I think you can’t go wrong either way,” said Brandon.

“Tie them both together, we can’t lose can we?” said Paul.

Yes even patriots love it when the eagles make a touch down.

Out There Somewhere at Silverbluff, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.


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