Mike Padgett Highway/ 56 to be closed for two weeks

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A four-phase makeover to a popular highway will cause travelers who use that part of Burke County to take another route for the next 14 days. 

The section of State Route 56 / Mike Padgett Highway, northeast of Waynesboro, will be closed from Feb. 5th to Feb 19th. The closure will allow contractors to replace damaged drainage structures between Collins road and River road. 

“The Mike Padgett Highway Detour” is expecting to affect the those traveling through Richmond County, Plant Voglte, and the residents of Burke County.

Georgia D.O.T district communications, Kyle Collins believes the construction will help reduce some of the traffic, as well of the accidents on the highway by expanding it from two lanes to four.

“There is you know thousands of folks coming to and from Vogtle at various shifts every day and every week so this is nearby that, “said Collins. “This a route they like to use on a regular basis, so it is definitely going to impact that plant traffic, in addition just local residents in around Burke County.”

The highway is undergoing phase one of counstruction. The contractors working on the project expect to be finished with all four phases no later than summer of 2019.

District Communicator Kyle Collins encouraging all drivers using Highway 56 to watch for the barricades and to drive safely.

“Make sure you plan ahead before travel and read the messenger board,” said Collins.”Be mindful of the people who are who working on the highway.”

Down below is an image of the roads that are close will be closed for the two weeks and the alernate routes to take.

For more routes and updates on the closure, visit Georgia Department of Transportation’s website at http://www.dot.ga.gov/DS/Data 



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