Commissioners do note vote to change Calhoun name

John C. Calhoun Expressway - Augusta, Ga.

AUGUSTA,Gs (WJBF) For some the time has come for change on the Calhoun Expressway with the motion, drop Calhoun’s name, a relic from the pas,t in favor of Veterans Expressway for the future.
“I think it’s a great time to honor veterans, with all that we have going on in this community based on cyber security based on Fort Gordon,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

But a majority of Commissioners are not in support of any change even for Veterans Expressway.

“Why should we, I mean if you do that how many more are you going to change you’re setting a precedent that we don’t need,” says Commissioner Grady Smith.

“Changing the name of an established landmark I’m not in favor of that regardless of the reason,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

Commissioner Fennoy has been pushing, the name change since last year, and says it’s now as much to get rid of Calhoun’s name as it is to honor veterans.

“About fifty fifty, I definitely want to see the name changed and if we change it I think we ought to honor and recognize our veterans,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Fennoy has lead the effort to change the expressway name but has his recent actions hurt his efforts?

Since last year has been kneeling for the Pledge of Allegiance at commission meetings.

Has commission Fennoy hurt his efforts by kneeling for the Pledge of Allegiance?”

“I think so,” says Commissioner Grady Smith.

“Two separate issues my kneeling is about the social injustice that black folks have to endure in this country my issue with the Calhoun Expressway is the city honoring someone with his racist background,” says Fennoy.

Fennoy has faced failure on the name change before but he did manage to get two other yes votes from Commissoners Hasan and Dennis Williams, Commissioner Sias Abstained and Commissioners Marion Williams and Guilfoyle were out.

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