LEC’s reused helped by study

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s days have been numbered, with demolition in its future but now there are those saying the old Law Enforcement Center, should be making a comeback.

“It’s definitely cost effective for the taxpayers and these are professionals that say it can be fixed,” said Juvenile Court Judge Douglas Flanagan.

That is the result of this study conducted by three experts that analyzed the old moldy leaky LEC to see if it was possible to be re-used for for Juvenile court.,

The study looked at the old court room section of the LEC and found that for a cost of two and a quarter million dollars it is feasible to reuse the building.

“I think the survey shows that it is feasible in fact it’s more than economically feasible based on the cost of another building trying to renovate something else,” said Judge Flanagan.

Augusta Commissioners are getting pressure to find space for Juvenile court and with this survey some are ready to give the old LEC a second look.

“With the proper abatement, proper bleaching, proper ventilation system I think it would be an asset,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

“Yes I think it would be a good idea for our community even if we could use part of it because we need someplace for or young people to be successful,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But It was shut down due to mold so would it be too much of a risk. to re-open it again.

“I’m not willing to accept any risk, I look at the professional evaluation and it’s real simple it needs to be fixed, Can we move back in today the answer is no did they have mold problems to begin with because they didn’t always have the proper maintenance the answer is yes,” said Judge Flanagan.

But the study to determine if it is feasible to reuse the LEC is only the first step, back in December the city said it would cost another 68 thousand dollars just to study how much it would cost to turn a reusable LEC into a juvenile court.
Tearing it all down remains an option in Phase seven of the sales tax voters approved one point five million for demolition of the LEC.

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