Commissioner hopes to bring new development to South Augusta

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– One commissioner hopes to bring more development to South Augusta. Commissioner Sammie Sias held a townhall meeting Saturday morning to get the community involved.

The people of South Augusta want more retail and commercial services in their neighborhood, and Commissioner Sammie Sias is gathering community support to bring it.

During Saturday’s townhall meeting at Jamestown Community Center, developers, dozens of city employees and citizens came together to get on the same page.

“South Augusta: Feast or Famine? The answer is,” Commissioner Sias said.”It depends.”

People living in Sias’ district tell him they want to see more retail and restaurants, but he said the area is lacking a crucial aspect that enables growth.

“We are answering the basic problem that we have to get other things, and that is the completion of infrastructure,” Sias answered.

Like sewage and water. He plans to tackle the problem through the sanitary sewer connection program–an incentive that costs just ten dollars to hook up near main lines.

Commissioner Sias will also be working to attract developers who will install water amenities.

State Senator Herold Jones was at Saturday morning’s meeting. He, a South Augusta native, sees the new economic development group that will focus on South Augusta retail beneficial.

“Right now you have to be competitive, and we have to have competitive incentives for people to come here,” Senator Jones explained. “We haven’t been doing that, not in the area of retail.”

Sias said new business is up to the private sector, not the government.

Bringing the community together is key to accomplishing that goal.

“These meetings here, and there are also other meetings in South Augusta: We want to make sure everyone knows what is going on to keep the community alive and going forward,” Senator Jones said.

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